Two Fish, Five Loaves

Two Fish, Five Loaves is a new Children's Musical about God's Provision.

With lyrics by Abigail Van Patter and music by Robin McLaughlin Conine, children get to tell the story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand through drama and song. 

Our ultimate goal has always been to create resources for Christian schools and churches that feel accessible, contain beautiful melodies, and are biblically accurate. This musical can be taught in a week-long intensive, over the length of a school semester, or in a seasonal church choir program. The songs are layered with complexity making the casting and age range flexible. You will find comforting repetition, solos and choral sections, and the re-telling of a well-known bible story. We have included options for the set, props, costumes, minimal stage directions, and the musical.

This musical is extremely flexible and can be adapted to fit your individual needs. solos can be added or subtracted based on cast size. The cast can be as small as 20 and as large as your space allows! You can also use this as a concert resource and simply sing through the pieces on risers. Preview the score and view cast list information here:


Listen to Two Fish, Five Loaves...

Rehearsal Audio

Two Fish, Five Loaves includes high-quality accompaniment tracks that you can use for rehearsal - or even performance. Sample

How to buy Two Fish, Five Loaves

The Base Package

Cost: $150. Purchasers will receive the following:

  • Staging guide, including costume+set suggestions
  • Character list+casting info
  • Lyric Slides (for rehearsal use)
  • Backing Tracks for rehearsal and/or performance

Purchasers will also receive an "institutional license" to print/burn as many of the following as you need:

  • Piano/Vocal Score
  • Vocals-only Score
  • Lyric Packet
  • Demo recording to send home with your kiddos

Two Fish Five Loaves at Hope Chapel in Summer 2023

The Band Package

Cost: $30. This add-on package will include:

  • A lead sheet specially formatted for band musicians
  • A "melody instrument part" provided in several keys that you could give to a musician who plays an instrument of your choosing, like the violin, flute, saxophone, or anyone else you might have hangin' around. The melody instrument part is provided in the key of C, Bb, and Eb (other keys available upon request.)
At our church, we accompanied the musical with piano, guitar, string bass, and a violin.

Purchase the base package, or both packages, below!

Got questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out - contact page here. It's our hope that Two Fish, Five Loaves is a gift to your children's music program.