Lessons and Carols Services

I frequently compose music for my home church of Hope Chapel in Greensboro North Carolina. You can experience some of the fruits of this collaboration here.

The music I write most frequently for Hope is meant to underscore the scripture readings at our December Lessons & Carols services. This means that the music is written to complement the reading of the text, and is meant to be played while the scripture is read - however, the music can be performed without the scripture reading. It's always my goal to support the text without overwhelming it. 

Each year, I write music for a large group of instruments, but not every underscore is for every instrument to play - in fact, many are solos. This makes rehearsals easier, and also means a person who only has access to an instrument or two could request an underscore that uses the instruments they actually have. If this is you - or if you'd like one of these songs arranged for a different grouping of instruments - please be in touch!

The underscore music that I share on this website is original and written by myself. The scriptures (and if applicable, recommended carols) for each service were selected by Michael Van Patter, who has been the one to collect meaningful text and music for these special services we have collaborated on every year.

Most sheet music is available to purchase, and for God With Us I also have made available performance tracks (if you wanted the music to accompany the reading of scripture, but don't have access to live performers.) I have a list of all of my underscore music organized by scripture and instrumentation...

If you want something you don't see, don't hesitate to contact me! Please also reach out if you like what you hear, and would like something totally original like this created for your own congregation as well.

God With Us

A collection of original music that creatively illustrates our relationship with God through the idea of "home."

Instrumentation:  String Quartet, Clarinet in Bb (doubling Bass Clarinet) and Piano.



Music inspired by the sounds of Appalachia, telling the story of a God who came for the southeast too.

Instrumentation: Banjo, Clarinet, Violin, Cello, and Pump Organ

For This Moment

For This Moment is a Lessons & Carols service that tells the Christmas story through God's sense of timing and His divine providence.

Instrumentation: Violins (2), Viola, Cello, String Bass, and Piano