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Eternal Creator of All 

(SATB Choir with divisi)

Written for the 2023 Lehigh University Choral Composer's Forum, and performed by The Princeton Singers under the direction of Stephen Sametz. Learn more about The Princeton Singers here: 

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Text from St. Ambrose of Milan - 

Eternal Creator of all things, 

who rulest the day and night, 

and givest the times of times, 

to relieve our weariness,  

The herald of the day is now sounding, 

who keeps watch through the depth of night; 

the wandering pilgrim's guiding light, 

separating night from night. 

Thou, the Light, shine on our senses, 

and shake off the sleep of our mind; 

let our voice call upon Thee first, 

and with our mouth let us sing hymns to Thee. 

Aeterne rerum conditor, noctem diemque qui regis, 

et temporum das tempora, ut alleves fastidium; 

 Praeco diei iam sonat, noctis profundae pervigil, 

nocturna lux viantibus a nocte noctem segregans. 

 Tu lux refulge sensibus, mentisque somnum discute, 

te nostra vox primum sonet et ore psallamus tibi.


Consider Your Heavens 

(SATB Choir with divisi)

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