As a studio teacher of several dozen piano students, I'm learning every day about what kids like! I believe that music can be a powerful tool to captivate children towards beautiful things. I love to write music for my students, and I believe that children deserve music that is high-quality - yet un-pretentious!

Here are some works that I have written for beginning piano students.

Evergreen (Mid Primer)

This tender piano solo is perfect for students mid-way through a primer book. Composed in middle C position, this piece has mostly stepwise motion with a few skips, and includes a warm and gentle teacher duet.

Beyond the Fence (Late Level 1)

Beyond the Fence is a quiet piece that weaves between the hands and is set in almost MC position (LH on B, RH on MC). The long phrases use basic rhythmic figures and dynamics. My first work with FJH, the piece introduces my compositional style in a performance piece that creates a sound world beyond our own backyard.